– Are your parent dogs health tested?

Yes! Our parent dogs have OFA, clearenes for hip, elbow, heart, and eye. They are also tested for genetic diseases, coat, and color.


– Where do you house your puppies?

All puppies are born and raised in our home. They are exposed to every day life in a typical household and are handled multiple times daily. We are very intentional in regard to how we raise puppies. We utilize 4E Kennels BAB advanced puppy curriculum which includes ENS and ESI.


– Can you guarantee that your pups will be non-shedding and HYpoallergenic?

While Goldendoodles can be a good fit for many allergy sufferers, they are by no means a fit for all. We refer to our pups as low shedding, and allergy friendly. If allergies are a big concern, we can arrange a t-shirt test for $25. Please inquire for more details.


– Do your puppies come with a Health Guarantee?

Yes, our health contract covers genetic and hip issues that would greatly impact the dog’s quality of life.


– Do you offer transport?

We offer several options for our out of state families. At your expense, we can fly your pup to you in cabin with a trusted flight nanny. We can arrange to meet you with you rpuppy at PHL or ACY airport. At times, we may have ground transport available. Any and all expenses related to transport will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.


– Do you offer training?

We are happy to refer you to a local colleague who offers board and train on a weekly basis. In most cases we are able to transport your puppy directly to the trainer after the 8 week mark. Please inquire for additional information.

We are also proud partners with Baxter and Bella. Online pupppy school. We offer a 25% discount with our unique code, STAYGOLDEN. You can find more information about Baxter and Bella on our SHOP page.